Benefits of living on the beach for our health.

Living near the sea has many advantages for our physical and mental well-being. In addition to being able to enjoy incredible views, an enviable place and an exceptional climate, it also improves our health, what more can we ask for?

  • Thanks to the ease of going out to do sports, the absence of traffic and an unbeatable climate, living near the sea helps us to have a more active life, which has an impact on the improvement of our physical and mental health.
  • The tranquility of the sea and in general of the coastal environment, helps to eliminate accumulated stress and maintain lower stress levels.
  • The coast helps create a feeling of «general well-being» in people.
  • Living near the sea improves our breathing. The humidity of the sea and the iodine dissolved in the air favors the decrease of bacteria in our respiratory system.
  • The sea is the most abundant source of iodine in the world and helps us regulate our metabolism.
  • One of the best known advantages is the speed of wound healing. The salinity of the sea and the iodine in it make the wound healing much faster, as long as it is not infected and is superficial.

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